Tips for more effective and efficient email campaigns – and more

Tips for more effective and efficient email campaigns – and more

Business Management
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I filled up the gas tank in my vehicle yesterday. I can honestly say I have never spent that much money on gasoline in my life. I guess I will need to look for cost-savings measures to balance that extra expense.

This blog post from Constant Contact made me think of the cost-saving measures I have employed in my own business marketing over the years, usually at the expense of my time. Although I’ve worked with Constant Contact for many years as well as many other email/marketing tools, there was a day when those tools didn’t have the “bells and whistles” to do a lot of the things they do today to ensure your success – and save your time.

Now that I’m older and more established, I value my time more. (And I don’t want to stay up until 3am finishing an email newsletter and cleaning a mailing list!) If you value your time but still want creative, informative, and successful email campaigns, take a look at these tips.

And, as always, if you want help please let me know.

Let’s Talk More About Lead Generation: FORMS

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How healthy is your contact list?

Unfortunately, people do not tell us when their email addresses change, when they change jobs, or when they retire. And these things happen at a very rapid pace nowadays. The “shelf life” of an email address is about 18 months! And don’t get me started about those lists you can buy from a broker. If your list needs some attention, we should talk. Read more