“Virtual” Assistants – Real or Really Virtual?

“Virtual” Assistants – Real or Really Virtual?

“Virtual” Assistants – Real or Really Virtual?

Business Management
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The pros and cons of hiring a virtual assistant and using technologies like Echo are discussed.

Source: The Rise of the Virtual Assistants

Let’s face it, technology is quickly replacing a lot of tasks that we used to do manually, or at least differently.

When was the last time you used a paper map? How about a VHS camera or even a digital camera? Now most smartphones provide you a better camera than most personal digital cameras, for both still shots and video. The list goes on and on, and it changes every day.

Recently I was working with a non-profit that has trouble getting someone to volunteer to act as board secretary because it requires recording, transcribing and returning meeting minutes in a timely fashion. Transcribing software solved their problems – it records the meeting, transcribes it and types it up. It still needs to be reviewed and formatted, but it’s ready to go as soon as the meeting is over.

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