The Art of Delegation

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Virtual Assistants are needed in business, non-profits and, according to my recent reading, higher education. Today I read Delegating Tips by Kelly Ann Rockquemore. I encourage you to take a look for yourself.

I always read comments and linked articles, and this “How To” article led me to another on delegation, The Art of Delegation by Armando Bengochea and Kelly Ann Rockquemore.

I find delegation is the highest hurdle for new clients to overcome, no matter what their field or industry. Everyone has their long list of things they want to accomplish, and there is a sense of failure when you look at that list day after day without showing any progress.

The reality is most owners, managers and executive directors have more than enough day-to-day tasks and interruptions than will ever fit in a regular work day. Those extra projects and larger tasks will hang out on your to-do list forever.

What if you had someone who already possessed the skills to complete most of the items on your to-do list with no training, little explanation and a skillset that better matches the task than you do? That person does exist, and when you find them you need to keep them high on your list of contacts and use them frequently. There is nothing more freeing than a short to-do list!