Constant Contact Online Marketing

Constant Contact Online Marketing

CTCT_Certified_420x105The Bookworm is a Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact. That means we are very comfortable and well-versed in the latest the product has to offer.

We have used the toolkit ourselves for years, and have developed “guerilla marketing” methods for using their services in outside-the-box ways:

  • Manage events that are free or paid admission
  • Online coupons and offers
  • Email as lead management
  • Landing Pages
  • Automated Marketing
  • Easy Social Media and Social Media ad management
  • Intense contact list management
  • Online Surveys/Polls/Forms

We are also well versed in apps and complimentary software that work well with Constant Contact to make your life easy! Pop-up online registration for contact lists, text-to-join, integrations to your CRM or other contact management tools, and more.p getting started, The Bookworm is here for you.

Why Invest in The Bookworm when using Constant Contact?
We realize that marketing isn’t your full time job. If you want the power Constant Contact Toolkit provides but you don’t want to do it all yourself, we’re here to help. Whether you want us to show you how or do it for you, we can come up with a solution that works for you.

So whether it’s help on everything you do, occasional help, or just help getting started, The Bookworm is here for you.