Solving the Landing Page Mystery

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Landing pages are any location on the internet that a web visitor can “land on”.

In their purest form they are independent web pages and the only way on is to have the direct link (from an email, text or other communication) and the only way off is to interact with some kind of call to action – completing a form, clicking a link, etc. This guarantees you know where the visitors are coming from, and if the landing page does it’s job to attract a prospect, only “warm” leads will interact.

A landing page may look just like your website or have a completely unique design. Like building a great survey, great landing pages involve planning and a little bit of marketing science. You can work with a designer to create a great landing page, or use a landing page tool. This article helps break down some of the top tools:

Source: 7 Killer Landing Page Tools For The Lazy Marketer

If you can think of ways you can use a landing page or two (or more!), we are here to help! or 320-281-0656.