Social Media Image Sizes Guide

Social Media Image Sizes Guide

Social Media Image Sizes Guide

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It seems like the size requirements are constantly changing – because they are. As the platforms change, as more people surf on a wider range of devices, the size requirements have to change if you want your images to make the best impression.

Each platform has different size requirements, and many platforms have several image sizes depending on the type of activity: post images, cover images, profile images, event images, … they’re all a little different.

Failing to use the correctly sizing means the image you spent so much time selecting may not display well – which means your post may not be as impactful as you hoped.

You no longer have to worry about keeping track of every platform’s preferred photo and post sizes! We’ve compiled an updated list of the correct social media image sizes for each platform. Check out this full list of preferred image dimensions for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more!

Are you using Constant Contact’s Social Post?

If you aren’t using the Constant Contact Social Post tool, you should be. Among many other features, it includes the ability to crop images so they will always be the correct size for your posts. We are here to help you get started!