Setting Goals and Objectives for your Business Marketing

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Marketing Goals are typically too large or too vague to measure (more leads, more sales, etc.). With the big picture in mind, break your goals down to attainable and measurable objectives. You may want to use an EOS model and plan objectives for several months and then break those down to weekly objectives.

When planning your business or non-profits goals and objectives, whether they are long-term, short-term or immediate, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Will achieving this objective help my business grow?
  2. Is this objective attainable?
  3. How will I measure it, or measure my progress towards it?

For example, a goal for your non-profit is to grow your donor base. So set a weekly goal of NEW donors. Make it attainable – just one, for example. One each week is 52 in a year.

Another example: you may wish to start or grow an educational conference program. Make the weekly goal filling all of the remaining seats for your next event.

Does all of this sound too daunting? It really isn’t. If you aren’t sure what your long term goals are, start with listing what you are doing today to market/advertise your business or non-profit. Submit those tactics to the three rules above and eliminate any activity that doesn’t fit. Now see what is left, and perfect those activities.

Not sure what to do? Contact us, we would love to help you make your business more successful!