WordPress and Website Maintenance

WordPress and Website Maintenance

WordPress and Website Maintenance

Your website needs regular monitoring and maintenance.

Website content review. You should have analytics reporting for your online presence, but do you know what it means and what to do with it? We do!

Website Backup. Are you using a backup tool? It should be checked regularly to be sure it is working properly.

WordPress core updates. WordPress makes updates on a regular basis. If you are not set up to get these automatically, you will need to do it manually. If you are set up to do it automatically, you need to make sure the update did not “break” any of your site features or plugins.

Plugin Maintenance. WordPress users need to update any plugins and check to be sure they are working properly. If you have auto-update turned on, you need to regularly check to see if the update “broke” anything on your site.

Theme Maintenance. Your WordPress theme should have regular updates you need to install or set up to automatically update. Either way, you need to check your site after updating to make sure everything is working properly.

Overall site health. Useful plugins monitor site health, security and performance. The data needs regular review to ensure the site is running well. Like backup software, this can be scheduled to run as often as you like. If there are immediate threats/problems you can be informed of this and make changes as needed. Don’t forget to check for broken links/review broken link plugin; outdated content (events, etc.).