Reusing Existing Material

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I have several clients who are bloggers in addition to offering client services,  but have a very hard time coming up with fresh content on a regular basis. I helped one such client by scouring his past blogs and refreshing them for reuse.

I first evaluated the website traffic and stats to see where people were spending the most time. The activity showed the blog was not getting the traffic it should. That meant the great material he had written over the years was read only once, the day it was published.

The fact that he is a provider of business services means that he has a “certain set of skills” that he blogs about, and are important points to continue to reiterate to his clients and prospects. I used a list of those services and sub-categories of those services to create a framework for organizing the content he had already created. I looked for “holes” and gave him an assignment to fill them with new content.

Then I took the existing material, refreshed it, and created a posting schedule. Voila! We had several months worth of regular blogs!