PowerObjects PowerUp

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I spent two days this week at the PowerObjects PowerUp event in Minneapolis and I could easily spend two more days. PowerObjects offers complete service, support, and education for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This was my first time at a PowerUp event, actually any PowerObjects event, and I was really impressed with the event management, food/breaks and most importantly, the very valuable and informative sessions. Now that I have one event under my belt I will definitely attend again.

In the opening keynote, a representative of the CRM team at Microsoft stated the basic objectives of Microsoft for their business tools – they need to be mobile and they need to work in the cloud. I’m paraphrasing here, he was much more eloquent, but the point is Microsoft is preparing their business tools to fit today’s business. People can now work anywhere and while using a variety of devices.

These basic objectives are shown in the advancements of Office365 this year, including CRM online. New developments are launched on the cloud version of CRM first, and often at no additional cost.

PowerObjects is a team of friendly professionals that knows its stuff and is happy to share with you what they know. If you are a user of Dynamics CRM I highly recommend creating a relationship with PowerObjects.