Physician, heal thyself!

Physician, heal thyself!

Physician, heal thyself!

Business Management, Constant Contact
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I consider myself lucky these days because I only have to keep my own work “plate” full, but in my past I did have staff and contractors that relied on me to keep them busy. In those days I was very busy feeding the pipeline, so when I saw this great resource from Constant Contact I thought I should share.

It’s also helpful for those individual entrepreneurs like me – we still have a pipeline, it just may not be as big.

I appreciate the calendar in this piece. While it is really one of those “duh” marketing opportunities, we often are so busy preparing for a key event or recovering after returning, we forget to use it as a reason to share what we’ve learned or plan to learn with clients and prospects. It’s these simple techniques that are often forgotten when you wear all of the hats in your company.

Pay special attention to the suggested schedule for announcements on page 7. When you’re using a quality, integrated tool like Constant Contact you can schedule your announcements in advance. You can set your campaign for an August event right now!

This piece also offers great advice for catchy subject lines and preheaders (don’t know what that is? Ask me!).

Enjoy this resource, and if you have any projects laying on your desk that you want to hand off, let me know!