Make a Plan and Hold to the Plan

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My intent with these web posts was to have a place to share some of the great ideas I find, articles that are interesting, and for regular blog entries.

I’m not doing very well with any of those. I preach to my clients the importance of a messaging calendar, but I didn’t do it myself. After hearing myself say that again yesterday, I put “messaging schedule” on my to-do list for today.

So now I have to consider my options. How often should I set these reminders? Well, it depends on what I’m trying to achieve.

  • A writer needs to write every day. You wouldn’t expect to become a competent pianist by sitting at the piano and plunking a few notes one day and again a month later. So if I want to be a competent blogger, I need to write – a lot! Some of the writing will make the site right away and a bunch will go into trash. Most will probably go into the “works in progress” folder for further research or more/better content. Because I’m using WordPress (other tools offer this as well), I can start posts and leave them unpublished, or schedule a post to publish on a certain day and time.
  • How do I manage “the muse”? The days when the ideas are flowing but I have so many other client projects, family commitments, and I just can’t take the time to write them up or even make decent notes? I have all variety of mobile devices so as part of my planning today I will need to find a solution that works for me. I know how my brain works – I will need to be able to enter enough of the idea to trigger the memory. Typing on a little screen is not optimal. Right now I’m thinking I will use the voice recorder option on my smartphone, a tool I use very little today.
  • I read great articles and posts every day, but how much (and how often) do I share? If I shared every useful article I see on the internet, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter each day, my site would have literally thousands of entries. I tend to “like” a lot of articles and posts that are good and reserve the Share or repost for information that is really important to my client base. In my planning I will determine what the actual numbers will be. Will I share one each week? More often? I’m not sure. I do know that daily will not be practical.
  • What about content management? Do I share everything I enter to the site on my company’s Facebook page, LinkedIn page, etc.? The jury is still out on this one. I tell my clients to evaluate the content of the post and determine if it fits their strategy for each tool (that is also dependent on having a strategy!). Each messaging vehicle has its own type of audience. My company is in its infancy from a messaging standpoint, so I would tend to share in all areas with the “read more” link back to this site in hopes it will draw more views.
  • How will I hold myself accountable? I have lot going on in my life. Clients, my own business, my family, house, animals, etc. So on those days when I’m scheduled to make a post and it just doesn’t happen, what will I do? Rush something out or wait until the dust clears? I find the first month of a new task is the hardest. It takes that time to develop the discipline to perform the task regularly until it becomes a habit or something you actually miss if you don’t do it. But the first step to reaching a goal is writing it down and telling others. So here I am – declaring my goal to the world! Wish me luck!