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How to Use Virtual Business Services

Here are just a few tasks you may have on your to-do list right now. Let us help you complete them!

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Database Management & Data Processing

  • Data is piled up all around you – business cards, lists, etc. We maintain and clean data every day.
  • You have been mailing/emailing with limited success. We analyze your lists to see how we can improve outcomes.
  • You need to change database software. We help you with product selection, convert data and walk you through installing and learning how to use new software.


  • You need a PowerPoint presentation for a seminar. We prepare the PowerPoint slides for you based on your notes.
  • You want to offer a presentation or webinar virtually using a web-based tool. We help you choose a tool and train you or produce the presentation for you.

Internet Marketing and Social Media

  • You have useful content sitting idly on your website or elsewhere. We glean short, to-the-point segments from it and post to your social media on your behalf.
  • You have been using your Facebook page to communicate with both friends and clients, but it’s filled with personal photos and comments from family and friends. We create a Facebook business page using an attractive design and your logo, providing a professional platform from which you can send out business-related posts.
  • We incorporate social media into all of your messaging and branding to increase your followers.
  • We send a personalized invite to your clients asking them to “Like” your Facebook and/or LinkedIn business page.
  • You have been posting to social media, but you don’t know whether anyone is “listening.” We use account analytics to determine who your fans are and what it is they are interested in reading about you.

Marketing Support

  • You (or we) mail postcards or email information advertising a free offer (brochure, book, etc.) at a landing page so you can collect user data.
  • You want to monitor customer satisfaction. We create a customer feedback questionnaire, mail or email it to your customers, we receive completed questionnaire, summarize responses and issue you a report.

Mail, E-mail Services

  • You want to fully utilize your e-mail software program*. We walk you through how to set up and use it.
  • You need fulfillment for books, tapes or other small shippable materials. Orders come in, you e-mail us with information or we collect information from your website, prepare packages and mail.
  • You want a way to automatically respond to standard requests to your website. We create an autoresponder or autoresponder series, monitoring and establishing database of who, and how many, are requesting information.
  • You want to publish a quarterly newsletter. You provide content to us or we help you create and curate content. We design and send a newsletter – print and/or email; prepare labels (print); using your mailing list.
  • We manage your e-mail database, helping to create targeted audiences based on interaction to improve your open rates and cross-promotion.
  • You want to increase the number of subscribers to your electronic newsletter. We help to set up sign-up options and suggest/implement other options for gathering subscribers.

*while we are Constant Contact certified, we are well versed in many other email tools and will use the tool you prefer. 

Website Design, Development, Maintenance

  • You need a web presence but can’t justify spending thousands of dollars to use a high-end web design company. We can design, build, and maintain a professional website for you and save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
  • You need changes on your website. We review, edit and update new information to your website.
  • You want to be able to make simple text changes on your website when you add a new product, service, or announce a new event. We create a website and train you to make changes easily and quickly yourself.
  • You don’t have time to monitor website traffic. We monitor traffic reports and make recommendations for adjustments to improve traffic.
  • You provide training or coaching sessions or sell e-books or other publications. We set up and maintain an online shopping cart to manage your e-commerce, including updating product information on your website, creating marketing campaigns, and tracking your inventory, orders, and customer retention.

Word Processing and Desktop Publishing

  • You need a manual created. You mail a compilation of old documents with handwritten corrections to us, we consolidate them, type them up and make it look professional and easy to navigate.
  • You need printed support materials or materials in a .pdf format for emailing or saving to your website for download by your customers. We desktop publish everything from business cards to catalogs.