Content Marketing Tips for Non-Profits (and for-profits too!)

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Consider content marketing in everything you do online. Did that sentence just send you into a panic? Relax, it’s not that hard. Even the most experienced marketer needs a reminder once in a while, and tips are always helpful! Here are a few of my own:

  • Have you visited a site where the top post is several months (or years) old? How did that make you feel about that information? Unless you post regularly (like every day) and unless your posts are specific to a timeline, consider turning off the date/time stamp on your posts.
  • ALWAYS make your content about your target, not about you. If you need to toot your own horn (and you should!), position your statements to demonstrate how your achievement benefits your target.
  • When at all possible, let others tell your story. Customer testimonials and impact stories are more important to your target than anything.
  • Less is more. Information consumers like short articles with a “read more” option. Use logical, basic navigation and keep your content clean of all of the “extra” words that aren’t necessary to make your point.
  • Call To Action is key – make use of every opportunity to interact. Forms, surveys, polls, downloadable files (make sure anything downloadable is well branded); use any option you have available!

Do you need help with any of these points? Contact us – we would love to help. Especially with the branding thing, that’s a real pet-peeve of ours!


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