Expanding on Word of Mouth Advertising

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A few years ago we were in need of some tree trimming at our house. So I asked a neighbor who had a large pine cut down if she would recommend the company she used. She was very excited to tell me how impressed she was with their work, and even passed the company name, phone number and contact person. I called them, had great results, and have used them several times since.

You may be missing your best marketing:  testimonials and quotes from your current customers!

When a customer or client sends you an email with a positive thank-you, what do you do with that compliment? Here’s an idea – SHARE IT!! Just like my question of my neighbor, people want to hear the experience of others, so if they come to your website and see a list of comments from your customers, they will be more likely to trust you with their business.

This article offers even more ways to use your website to promote your business:   How to Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

What you need to know about the critical policy changes from Gmail and Microsoft

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Critical policy changes from Gmail and Microsoft will take effect on June 30, 2016 and this affects your email deliverability! You know, when you send an email you want to make sure it gets to the person or people you emailed. This is especially important when you publish your newsletter and send transactional emails to clients, customers and members of your membership sites.

It is important to take immediate action to ensure that emails continue to be delivered.

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New to WordPress?

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I try to move my clients into managing their own sites, so I am looking at WordPress to see if it is easy enough for them to use. What better way to do that than to use it myself?

Are you interested in managing the content on your website? Here’s a tip – create any content you wish to add to your site using a tool that will check your work for spelling and grammar. Most word processing solutions (Microsoft Word, etc.) will do this. In addition, have someone proof-read your content for readability and flow. When you’re sure it’s correct and well-written, copy it from your word processor into your website.

Your website represents you and your business – take the time to make it look good!