Print and Online Ads

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More work for my favorite non-profit!

They wanted to advertise their Kitten Stress Reliever program, where volunteers would bring an assortment of adoptable kittens to your workplace for a Kitten Break. I came up with this series of ads:


























Program Promotion

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A local non-profit wanted to promote their Humane Education program to local schools, but they needed to update their advertising materials.

I created a trifold flyer as they requested. It was very popular as a printed, hard copy flyer to insert in mailers and hand out in person to prospects. But as an attachment in an email it was not as attractive – most people don’t print an attachment and then fold it appropriately, so it didn’t represent very well.

I suggested we reformat the trifold into a one page flyer for use as an email attachment.

Training Manual Branding project

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I have a client who is a representative of a product line and he wants his training materials to include his own branding in addition to the brand of the company he represents.

I worked with him to recreate the materials with his company’s look while retaining the brand guidelines required by the parent company.

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Newsletter project

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While working on a different project for a client I noticed they were producing a regular newsletter in a terribly inefficient manner. Each issue was taking weeks to prepare and mail and the design and results were not reflecting the time and energy they were putting into it.

I suggested they let me take over one issue and after that I was given the job of managing their newsletter.

In addition to the print issue I set up a process for cross-posting newsletter content to their blog, website and social media. After a few issues I was able to train them to do it themselves.

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