Expanding on Word of Mouth Advertising

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A few years ago we were in need of some tree trimming at our house. So I asked a neighbor who had a large pine cut down if she would recommend the company she used. She was very excited to tell me how impressed she was with their work, and even passed the company name, phone number and contact person. I called them, had great results, and have used them several times since.

You may be missing your best marketing:  testimonials and quotes from your current customers!

When a customer or client sends you an email with a positive thank-you, what do you do with that compliment? Here’s an idea – SHARE IT!! Just like my question of my neighbor, people want to hear the experience of others, so if they come to your website and see a list of comments from your customers, they will be more likely to trust you with their business.

This article offers even more ways to use your website to promote your business:   How to Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

6 Steps to Building Your Own Market Analysis

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You have a great idea for a business.
You have a business already, but you want to add a new service.
You have a business already, but you aren’t experiencing the growth you need.

Here’s a question, did you analyze your market and its needs before you started down this road? Sometimes what we think is an opportunity is clouded by our enthusiasm. The old “Rose Colored Glasses” problem. Or, in reverse, you don’t see an opportunity because you aren’t looking closely enough at the market.

This article has a really great, concise outline of the steps you MUST take before you invest in a new opportunity:  6 Steps to Building Your Own Market Analysis

The Value of Webinars

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A while back I talked about the value of live seminars and workshops.

While I still prefer in-person events, there is tremendous value in webinars if you do them right.

The biggest advantage of a webinar is their reach. Never offer a webinar only one time – if your webinar tool does not allow you to record and manage your recorded webinar, you need to find a tool that does. I recommend and use GoToWebinar for this very reason. It has a very easy interface for sharing a recorded webinar,  gives you great insight into who watched, when they watched, how many times they watched and how interested they were.

Here’s a bit more on the value of webinars: The Value of Webinars for the Modern Marketer

6 Ways to Improve Your Local Online Presence (and why you should)

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My husband asked if I wanted to go to a restaurant down the road from us that offers a very unique menu, and it changes seasonally. We go there a lot for brunch and that menu is generally predictable, but we don’t often go for dinner. They also have daily specials including delicious soup, so I was curious to learn that day’s special, or at a minimum, the current season’s dinner menu items. As little as five years ago I may have pulled out the phone book and called them, or just taken my chances. But it’s 2017 so I pulled out my phone and looked them up. I didn’t find the daily special, but I did find the seasonal menu.

If you are like most small businesses, most of your customers are nearby. But even if you’re just around the corner, your customers and prospects are still going to use their tablet, phone or computer to check you out before they contact you.  And for those that don’t know you exist (yet), you will want your listing to appear right up there with the company three states away that might do the same thing as you.

This article has tips for creating that visibility  6 Reasons You Need to Verify Your Business Listings Right Now.

And if you’re still confused, I can help!  And by the way, dinner was delicious!


Why Seminars Still Work

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I like webinars for conveying new information or training, but I really LOVE workshops and seminars. In some ways they seem “retro”, like receiving paper mail.

When participants take time out of their busy day to physically appear at a location for the purpose of learning some new skill, experience a new product or to network, you know they are really interested in what you have to share. Take a minute to read this author’s experience: Why Seminars Still Work

4 Tips for Your Next Email Blast

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If you’ve visited my website you know I’m big into email marketing. I work with a lot of people who are trying to use email as their primary advertising and marketing tool, and in many cases they are doing a great job.

And then there’s everyone else. And that’s where I come in! If you are expecting your email advertising to create sales or some kind of response from the recipient, you need to spend time planning your content in advance.

This article outlines four things you should consider when creating your email campaigns How to Write Email Copy that Converts .

These tips aren’t the end of the story, but they will get you started.

Is there ROI in Webinars?

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Return on Investment. Those magical words that tell you what something is worth. That “investment” word usually applies to costs which includes your time. In my opinion, you should take advantage of any possibility to reach a broad audience with your message – as long as you can afford it.

Marketers believe there is still value in webinars, even though the medium has been around since the beginning of the internet. Most believe a successful webinar gives away free content in exchange for the possibility of a qualified sales lead. Anyone who attends a webinar and sits through most or all of it will be a likely candidate for your product or service.

webinar_branded_logoSo what about the ROI? A well-planned presentation will take time, and maybe not just your time. Are you a PowerPoint hero or will you need help? How will you invite people to your event? What if they can’t come on the day/time you choose? What kind of information do you want to collect from your attendees? How will you judge the attendee’s interest? How will you extend the reach of your webinar? Our webinar services may be what you need. We can coach you or run the entire thing – you just show up and present your great ideas!

Here’s the article that inspired my post: What’s the ROI value of webinars? – B2B News Network

Content Marketing Tips for Non-Profits (and for-profits too!)

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Consider content marketing in everything you do online. Did that sentence just send you into a panic? Relax, it’s not that hard. Even the most experienced marketer needs a reminder once in a while, and tips are always helpful! Here are a few of my own:

  • Have you visited a site where the top post is several months (or years) old? How did that make you feel about that information? Unless you post regularly (like every day) and unless your posts are specific to a timeline, consider turning off the date/time stamp on your posts.
  • ALWAYS make your content about your target, not about you. If you need to toot your own horn (and you should!), position your statements to demonstrate how your achievement benefits your target.
  • When at all possible, let others tell your story. Customer testimonials and impact stories are more important to your target than anything.
  • Less is more. Information consumers like short articles with a “read more” option. Use logical, basic navigation and keep your content clean of all of the “extra” words that aren’t necessary to make your point.
  • Call To Action is key – make use of every opportunity to interact. Forms, surveys, polls, downloadable files (make sure anything downloadable is well branded); use any option you have available!

Do you need help with any of these points? Contact us – we would love to help. Especially with the branding thing, that’s a real pet-peeve of ours!


Read the article that influenced my post – Reviewing your site using our content rules will help you maintain a fresh online presence that motivates visitors to dig in and take action.  5 Content Rules to Follow for Effective Nonprofit Websites