5 Great Tips for Your Next Email Blast

5 Great Tips for Your Next Email Blast

Constant Contact
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Tip #1 – don’t think of it as an email “Blast”!

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, I think email blast is a dirty word.

Your readers aren’t all the same so it’s important to be sure all your email campaigns have a focused, personal message. Start by segmenting your lists into smaller groups based on their interest or contact type.

Segmenting has other advantages as well, we will discuss this in a later blog.

Read these 5 Tips for Your Next Email Blast for tips that will help make sure your next campaign is relevant, valuable, and important to your customers.

When you’re ready to start (or upgrade) your email marketing, contact us for assistance and advice or go it alone – either way, use this free trial of Constant Contact!