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Tips for more effective and efficient email campaigns – and more

21Jun, 2022

I filled up the gas tank in my vehicle yesterday. I can honestly say I have never spent that much money on gasoline in my life. I guess I will need to look for cost-savings measures to balance that extra expense. This blog post from Constant Contact made me think of the cost-saving measures I have employed in my own business marketing over the years, usually at the expense of my time. Although I've worked with Constant Contact for many years as well as many other email/marketing tools, there was a day when those tools didn't have the "bells and whistles" to do a lot of the things they do t



How to Design a Landing Page That Converts

24May, 2022

Your Constant Contact account includes several methods for collecting contact information – how many are you using? Lead Generation Landing PageSign-Up FormsText to Join Lead Generation Landing Pages are designed to collect visitor information in exchange for a promotion or incentive – nothing more. With Constant Contact Landing Pages, you can customize the form to capture information such as name, email, phone number, birthday, and more. This article is a good tutorial on creating a landing page that will convert - that will make people want to sign up. It sounds easy, but it is



7 Step Guide to a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

12May, 2022

When articles start with "5 tips" or "3 ideas", etc. my interest is piqued. Who doesn't like a short list of ideas? This April blog post from Constant Contact (link at the button below) is one of those - the title of a "7 Step Guide" caught my eye. After reading this post I can't say I disagree with any of the seven, but as a small business owner who was the marketer as well as most of the other functions (HR, A/P, A/R, sales, etc.), I always found I was always running behind on getting the newsletter out on a regular schedule. So while it is eluded to throughout this article, I would stre


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Much like working with your accountant or attorney, Bookworm Virtual Assistant Services is a company that provides services and bills accordingly on an hourly basis. Contracts are typically handled project by project, however for ongoing projects like an email marketing campaign, the contract may span a period of time.

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