Is there ROI in Webinars?

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Return on Investment. Those magical words that tell you what something is worth. That “investment” word usually applies to costs which includes your time. In my opinion, you should take advantage of any possibility to reach a broad audience with your message – as long as you can afford it.

Marketers believe there is still value in webinars, even though the medium has been around since the beginning of the internet. Most believe a successful webinar gives away free content in exchange for the possibility of a qualified sales lead. Anyone who attends a webinar and sits through most or all of it will be a likely candidate for your product or service.

webinar_branded_logoSo what about the ROI? A well-planned presentation will take time, and maybe not just your time. Are you a PowerPoint hero or will you need help? How will you invite people to your event? What if they can’t come on the day/time you choose? What kind of information do you want to collect from your attendees? How will you judge the attendee’s interest? How will you extend the reach of your webinar? Our webinar services may be what you need. We can coach you or run the entire thing – you just show up and present your great ideas!

Here’s the article that inspired my post: What’s the ROI value of webinars? – B2B News Network