The Value of Webinars

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A while back I talked about the value of live seminars and workshops.

While I still prefer in-person events, there is tremendous value in webinars if you do them right.

The biggest advantage of a webinar is their reach. Never offer a webinar only one time – if your webinar tool does not allow you to record and manage your recorded webinar, you need to find a tool that does. I recommend and use GoToWebinar for this very reason. It has a very easy interface for sharing a recorded webinar,  gives you great insight into who watched, when they watched, how many times they watched and how interested they were.

Here’s a bit more on the value of webinars: The Value of Webinars for the Modern Marketer

Why Seminars Still Work

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I like webinars for conveying new information or training, but I really LOVE workshops and seminars. In some ways they seem “retro”, like receiving paper mail.

When participants take time out of their busy day to physically appear at a location for the purpose of learning some new skill, experience a new product or to network, you know they are really interested in what you have to share. Take a minute to read this author’s experience: Why Seminars Still Work

Your perfect webinar companion

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Enjoy a best-in-class experience along with your attendees. With GoToWebinar mobile apps, it’s now easy to take a pulse on your audience’s engagement and see what they see.

Sign in with your GoToWebinar account today and see why their new mobile apps are the perfect companion for your upcoming webinars:
See what resonates most.
Get instant feedback every time your attendees tap the heart icon.

Monitor real-time attentiveness.
View a graph of audience attentiveness on a scale of 1-100.

Enable social sharing.
Attendees can share their favorite moments and promote your webinar in their networks.

Manage your webinars.
See your upcoming webinars, schedule a new one or make changes on the fly.

Download today:







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