4 Tips for Your Next Email Blast

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If you’ve visited my website you know I’m big into email marketing. I work with a lot of people who are trying to use email as their primary advertising and marketing tool, and in many cases they are doing a great job.

And then there’s everyone else. And that’s where I come in! If you are expecting your email advertising to create sales or some kind of response from the recipient, you need to spend time planning your content in advance.

This article outlines four things you should consider when creating your email campaigns How to Write Email Copy that Converts .

These tips aren’t the end of the story, but they will get you started.

3 Steps to Keep Customers Subscribed to Your Email List

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Your email subscription list is incredibly valuable and needs to be protected. To make sure your subscribers are engaged, keep these pointers in mind whenever you send an email:

  1. Timing
  2. Content Value
  3. Frequency

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. It’s also the type of marketing most used and abused by marketers. Sending too many emails—or emails that don’t matter to your customers—will decrease your subscription list faster that you can hit the “Junk” button.

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New Data: How the Amount of Text and Images Impact Email Click-Through Rates

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Email click-through rates are one of the most valuable pieces of data when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your email campaign. While open rates tell you how many people are seeing your email in the inbox and deciding to open, your click-through rate tells you how many of those people are acting on the content you send out.

Read more, with charts: New Data: How the Amount of Text and Images Impact Email Click-Through Rates


Library – Managing Images and Documents

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Create Images from Scratch – New Functionality Added!
Go beyond our image editing tools and create original artwork right from your Constant Contact account with the addition of Artworktool. You can select from four different image sizes optimized for logo, header, hero or article.
Customize Images – New Functionality Added!
Get additional editing features such as: overlays, stickers, adjustable vignettes, brushes, red-eye removal, adding text and more.

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Newsletters and Announcements

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Whether you’re looking to increase revenue through an online promotion, promote an event,  increase your social media presence, or just stay in touch with your audience, email marketing is an effective tool that will power your business’s growth.

We can coach you through getting set up, help you get your first campaign out, or handle it all for you.

Three tips in less than three minutes:

Download our tips for Designing the Perfect Mobile-Ready Email (.pdf)

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