Growing your email list is important.

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People like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with, and email drives new customer acquisition and purchases. Plus, you own your list and are able to contact customers and prospects on your terms. Take 2.5 minutes to watch this video and learn how to build your contact list.

Ready to get serious about building your email list? Have a look at Constant Contact’s helpful sign-up tools. Options include traditional website forms, sign up forms exclusively for WordPress and Facebook users, pop-up forms, sign up forms as Landing Pages. and Text to sign up!

Create an email that looks great on mobile

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Almost 90% of people currently check their email on a mobile device. It’s more important than ever to choose the right email template. Constant Contact offers a large number of beautiful email templates that reflect your branding – while looking great on mobile!

Learn how 10 small businesses and nonprofits are using these templates and email marketing to succeed. You’re sure to get some ideas of your own and learn to create stunning emails that get results.

Increased Foot Traffic A single email drove 400 customers to the Wine Station for an event on a day that usually sees about 40 customers.

Big Marketing Savings Reelworks Teen Filmmaking switched from direct mail to email marketing with Constant Contact and realized a savings of $18,000 a year!

Need help putting these tips to use? We can provide you with a wide range of marketing services. Get in touch to find out how we can take your marketing to the next level.

Try a free trial of Constant Contact!

Segment your lists for greater open rates

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Here’s a tip for a marketing plan that works for you – without taking all of your time:   Segment your mailing list.

Start your planning process by thinking about your customer base. Who are they? What motivates them? And how can you reach them effectively? Go beyond the sending basics and look for opportunities to target messages to different groups of people on your list. By targeting a smaller group of customers, your message is more personal and therefore, customers are more likely to engage.

By segmenting your lists you should see open rates and engagement improve. Who can argue with that?

Constant Contact’s unique and powerful tools handle your blast emails, your social network marketing and more, all in one tool, leaving you time to do what you do best – run your business! Contact us for advice or start a free trial of Constant Contact here!

Have doubts about using email? Let us clear them up.

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Are you wondering if email marketing is for you? Does it still have impact? Have you considered these facts?

Email marketing returns $40 for every $1 spent.

91% of US adults like to stay in touch with companies they do business with.

If you’re already using email marketing, this isn’t news. Here are five common email marketing misconceptions:

All email is spam

People don’t like reading emails

People can’t unsubscribe

You need special expertise or training

Email isn’t as effective as social media

Read this article to clear up these misconceptions:  5 Email Marketing Misconceptions that Could Be Holding You Back and learn how including email marketing in your process can work for you!

Add Value without Discounting

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Running a discount during the holiday season is a great way to draw customers into your store and boost sales during this busy time of year, but it’s not the only way to offer something of value to your customers.

If you want to run a successful holiday promotion, without discounting your product, consider one of these ideas:

Free gift wrapping – There are a lot of folks out there who absolutely despise gift wrapping! Some have a natural touch for it, while others just can’t seem to figure it out. Free gift wrapping is a really nice gesture that will make your customers’ lives a little bit easier during this crazy time of year.

Tips and tricks – Product, service, or industry-related tips and tricks are quick, digestible pieces of information that your customers will l love. If you are a service business like a spa, you could offer relaxation tips that will help your customers get through all the holiday stress. This is a great way to showcase your services too. These work really well on Facebook or Twitter, and can also make a nice addition to any holiday emails you send out.

Guides – You are an expert in your field, so why not share what you know with your customers? The best gift really is the gift of knowledge! Create an educational guide that teaches your customers about your product, service, or industry, and post it on Facebook or send it out in an email. If you are a retail business, you could create a shopping guide that helps customers navigate the hectic holiday season.

Free shipping – More and more people are shopping online these days because they just don’t have time to make a trip to the store, especially during the holidays. Make your ecommerce emails stand out by offering an incentive like free shipping to make your customers’ last-minute purchases that much easier.

Holiday contest – Run a holiday contest to get customers excited about the prize you plan to give away. Your free gift could be as small as a branded holiday ornament or as big as a gift basket. Offer what makes sense for you. Promote your contest on Facebook to boost engagement and fans. You can run a Facebook Ad to get your contest in front of an even larger audience.

Checklist – Create a helpful checklist that customers can have on hand during the busy holiday season. Your checklist could help customers prepare for holiday shopping so that they go into the process focused. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this one too! If you are a restaurant owner, include stopping at your restaurant to refuel as part of your checklist.

Holiday recipes – Give your customers a special holiday recipe to add value without offering a discount. If you are a restaurant owner, this is perfect for you because you probably already have so many tasty recipes on hand. Put your own twist on the recipe or add in a secret ingredient to really make it unique. The best part about offering a holiday recipe is that it takes little to no time and effort to create.

Use email marketing on a consistent basis to get your services in front of your customers – Constant Contact’s unique and powerful tools handle your blast emails, your social network marketing and more, all in one tool, leaving you time to do what you do best – run your business! Contact me to get started, or just start your free trial of Constant Contact today.

Reduce stress by scheduling your campaigns in advance

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It’s a busy time for your business. Who has time to create and send emails? Your email management tool should allow you to schedule now (or even earlier in this busy season) and cross that task off your list.

Once you have a plan in place for the messages you want to send, get started creating your messages and schedule them in advance.

If you have a series of emails to send out — maybe to promote a holiday fundraiser or highlight five of your top selling products as gift ideas — you can set up an autoresponder series. Set up the messages you’d like to send, choose the right sending frequency, and watch your marketing work on autopilot.

If something comes up and you want to send a quick message, no problem – just add it to your schedule or send right away!

Constant Contact’s unique and powerful tools handle your blast emails, your social network marketing and more, all in one tool, leaving you time to do what you do best – run your business!

To learn other ways Constant Contact’s powerful Toolkit can help you, contact me or sign up for a free trial.

Social Media Management Tools

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Posting to social media can be sooooo time consuming. Twitter only allows so many characters, images might not display the same in different accounts, links show up differently, it’s not easy to cross-post quickly and make messages effective.

Often my clients end up ignoring one channel in favor of another, so they miss people. I have several clients who are now using social media management tools, so when I saw this article reviewing some of the top tools, I thought it was worth sharing.


I Serve at the Pleasure of the Client

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The first time I heard the statement “I serve at the pleasure of the President” was on West Wing back in the early 2000’s. When I started my Virtual Assistant Services business, I thought about that statement and realized it represented the way I work with my clients.

I know a lot of things, I have a lot of experience, and I have a lot of advice to offer on what you should do and how you should do it, but in the end what I do for your business is what you want me to do.*

When we begin work, I learn from a client what they want to achieve, I tell them what I think the best way is to achieve it, and we come to consensus of how to move forward that works for everyone involved.

So, as you look at your to-do list, consider what I can offer you and contact me if I can be of help.

*If we find we have views that are so greatly different from one another we can’t come to agreement, then we should not be working together. 

3 Easy Steps to Link Your Google Accounts & Boost Local Search Marketing

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There are so many different ways to list your business online, it can be very confusing. Whether we like it or not, Google is king. If you can master the way your business appears on Google, you will be on the road to cleaning up your online presence, because a lot of the other search tools pull their data from that Google listing.

I could take you down the road of cleaning this up in my brand management services, but this article hits the high points:  3 Easy Steps to Link Your Google Accounts & Boost Local Search Marketing – Manta

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

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If you rely on networking to grow your business and reputation, you need to take some time to update your LinkedIn presence and take advantage of some of the new tools they have available.

And it’s not just for individuals anymore – you can now create company pages and showcase pages for your products and services. This article offers a nice summary of some of the new features you will find:   How to Stand Out on LinkedIn With Visual Content

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