Reusing Existing Material

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I have several clients who are bloggers in addition to offering client services,  but have a very hard time coming up with fresh content on a regular basis. I helped one such client by scouring his past blogs and refreshing them for reuse.

I first evaluated the website traffic and stats to see where people were spending the most time. The activity showed the blog was not getting the traffic it should. That meant the great material he had written over the years was read only once, the day it was published.

The fact that he is a provider of business services means that he has a “certain set of skills” that he blogs about, and are important points to continue to reiterate to his clients and prospects. I used a list of those services and sub-categories of those services to create a framework for organizing the content he had already created. I looked for “holes” and gave him an assignment to fill them with new content.

Then I took the existing material, refreshed it, and created a posting schedule. Voila! We had several months worth of regular blogs!

WordPress Salient theme

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I recently completed a website transition to WordPress using the Salient theme from ThemeNectar.  What a great theme! There are a few tweaks to make and we are testing some of the advanced functionality and integrations, but so far, so good.  Take a look.

Meet Edgar

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I love this product, mostly because my neighbor has a big orange fluffy cat named Edgar so I think of him every time I use it!

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool that I used with a client. There are other great tools out there, but for this situation MeetEdgar was perfect. It allows you to create a library of social posts and put it on a schedule.

**I recently learned of another tool that is similar to MeetEdgar at a lower price per month. While I don’t have a client using it yet, I plan to test it out and see if I like it the same or better. **

Face it, social media posts need to be seen more than once, and tracking what you send on what channel when can be really, really confusing.  Especially when you have more than one person involved.

First I looked at the material she already had. reorganized the categories based on what she wanted, filtered for seasonal content and content that should only run one time a year (or once and never again), confirmed all of that was clean and then made recommendations for categories where we needed new content.

Then we scheduled it all, making tweaks at month end. That’s it.

Print and Online Ads

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More work for my favorite non-profit!

They wanted to advertise their Kitten Stress Reliever program, where volunteers would bring an assortment of adoptable kittens to your workplace for a Kitten Break. I came up with this series of ads:


























Video Tools

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I’m always learning about new (or at least new to me!) tools for creating video.

Here I am playing with the Corel FastFlick tool that came with the purchase of a different Corel product. This shows the fun we have trying to take “family photos” each Christmas.

Video from PowerPoint

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I regularly make videos from PowerPoint presentations for myself and for clients. This process includes creating the PowerPoint, writing the script, using Camtasia to capture the video and voiceover, editing the video and publishing.

Check out our YouTube channel for a few examples.

Program Promotion

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A local non-profit wanted to promote their Humane Education program to local schools, but they needed to update their advertising materials.

I created a trifold flyer as they requested. It was very popular as a printed, hard copy flyer to insert in mailers and hand out in person to prospects. But as an attachment in an email it was not as attractive – most people don’t print an attachment and then fold it appropriately, so it didn’t represent very well.

I suggested we reformat the trifold into a one page flyer for use as an email attachment.

E-Commerce Management project

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A client had an existing e-commerce solution that needed updating, including adding new products.

I entered products from printed catalogs, scanned artwork from provided images or collected them from sites provided by the vendor, and edited the images to fit the parameters allowed by the e-commerce tool.

Online Presence & Branding project

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A client was subscribing to a communications package that offered a simple website tool. She wanted to use it to create a basic, brochure site for her company listing her “vitals” – location, contact information, what they do, etc.

We set up the site using the available tool. It wasn’t terribly flexible but we were able to incorporate all of her branding and colors. In addition, I cleaned and matched other online listings (social media, Google, Manta, etc.) and added a link to the new website in all locations.

Website Redesign project

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A client had several websites created using several different tools and wanted them all merged into one. The website required a secure portal and unique URL’s for easy access to separate sections of the site.

It was a very complicated process, but I was able to migrate all of their websites into one Joomla site with a secure portal with several levels of access.

Prior to migration I cleaned all of the site content to remove old and redundant information, updated graphics and created a relationship with Happy Dog Web Productions for ongoing Joomla hosting, support and service.

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