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The Bookworm Virtual Assistant Services offers independent contractor services from our office, supporting multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services such as:

Constant Contact Toolkit:  Create and manage e-news, events, surveys, autoresponders, and more. Take that same raw text you’ve been using for social media updates or in blog posts, and this time load it up inside Constant Contact or your favorite tool for email distribution. Use an existing template or create a new layout, put the right fonts in the right places, arrange the images where they look best, and double-check all the hyperlinks. Schedule the e-newsletter or notice to send at a specific day and time.

Online Meeting Management:  We want you to be more successful and flexible! Let us work with you to become more comfortable hosting online meetings using GoToMeeting. If you have only an occasional need to meet online, use our online meeting tool + our expertise in managing online meetings to meet with clients or remote workers.

Webinar Management:   Strategy and planning; Marketing and  promotion; Moderation and management;  Re-purposing and distribution of webinar content. You have great ideas, you should share them! We can help you become more comfortable with GoToWebinar, or we can manage your event from promotion to follow-up after it’s over. You can even use our webinar tool so you don’t have to invest in your own!

Brand Management:   Matching your colors and fonts in all areas where your brand is represented;  Consistent use of logo and image;  Correct/consistent links to your website; Integrate social media profiles. Are you making the most of your branding? Is your logo and contact information available everywhere it should be? Are you using social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) to the best of your ability? Any material that reaches your customer should be properly branded so they can find you when they’re ready for your services.

Shopping and E-Commerce Management:  Familiarity with a large number of online shopping carts/websites; Point of Sale Solutions; Some fulfillment capabilities. Are you selling your products in a store ? Do you want to sell your products online? We have a lot of experience with POS and e-commerce and would love to help you, from discovery to training to handling the complete operation, including (in some cases) fulfillment services.

Desktop Publishing:  Develop Materials for Print/.pdf: Newsletters/Mailers; Handbooks/Manuals; Forms. Revise and Refresh Existing Materials: Update Branding; Formatting. We can make your printed documents look professional, your newsletters fresh and readable, match formatting of other materials, and more. PowerPoint too!

Internet Marketing Management:  Website content management; Analytics and tracking; SEO/keyword research.
You have analytics reporting for your online presence, but do you know what it means? Do you know what to do with the information now that you have it? We do!

Marketing Tools Management:  Familiarity with a large number of tools  for Email marketing; Inbound marketing; Marketing automation; Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Stop the patchwork quilt of sales and marketing processes and create a full system that works for you. Combine outbound and inbound marketing to keep your sales team busy all week!

Content Development:  Curate content; research topics, images, quotes, graphics for use in infographics, social media, blog posts, emails. Your website and social media need to be refreshed with regular content to keep your customers and prospects coming back.

We can research and prepare materials for your regular posts and communications.

Content Manager:  Management, strategy and scheduling of existing content; Create & manage blog editorial calendar; Create & manage e-news. You probably have a lot of content already, but are you making the best use of it?

Let us evaluate what you have and get it out to your market where it can work for you!

Social Media Management:  Profile set-up and design; Advertising;  Content planning and scheduling; Graphics/image discovery and management. Your presence on social media is necessary in today’s market, but managing social media can be time-consuming. We can help!

Video/Multimedia Management:  Create video from screen capture; Edit existing video; Post video to YouTube and other video sharing services; Manage YouTube channels and subscriptions. Video is an important tool for sales, marketing, training and more. Are you using it? Are you using it well?

How good would it feel to cross a few of those items off your list? Contact us, we are here to help.

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